Water speaks of cleansing, restoration, the old is put away, the dawn of a new day, the soul-refreshing mandate for each and every single person on planet earth. But this does not suffice. John the Baptist came in the wilderness, the voice of one crying: "Make straight the Way of the Lord. John gave this testimony, that he is not the Christ, for he must grow dim, and his cousin Jesus the Christ, the brighter.

The Lord bends his knees as he performs a ritual that sets an epic tone for all of us to follow. He washes his 12 Disciples feet, including Judas Iscariot, Peter opposing this, was countered by the Lord: "Peter, if I do not was your feet, you have no part in me" Peter's response as one: "Lord, not only my feet but head and hands too" but a man need not wash in this manner for He is already clean, making a powerful direct revelation to HIS WORDS, Jesus our Lord spoke in their hearing for this period of 3 years.