The mind remains one of the greatest of phenomena's known to all, yet still, till this day, most of the brightest of mind's can't quite place or puzzle out this inter-connected organ known as the brain and mind of a human being.

Whichever way you perceive it to be, you were mentally shaped even from prenatal development, even whilst in the womb. It is a known undeniable truth and study, the fetus can sense external stimuli and sensory influxes whether it be sound or if you are a believer, then you should agree with me that the Spiritual stimuli also plays the greater part of the making and shaping of the mind, even before the actual birth.

In Biblical History, in book of John. We find an epic event where Mary visits her Aunt Elizabeth. At the moment and at the "hearing" of Mary's voice, John the Baptist, Cousin of the Lord Jesus, the babe (John) manifested and lept for JOY! in Elizabeth's womb. This is then the first Biblical proof and reference to the awesome reality of "Spiritual Stimuli".


Revelation awaits, as you journey from the beginning of time, taking in a fresh and exciting new perspective, unlike anything you have ever read. Gain intimate knowledge of a Heavenly Creator, whose actions and intentions are revealed in a way you've never seen before. From Adam to Jesus this lovingly God-inspired book, takes your mind, body, and soul into the ‘Secret’ Scenes from Creation to His Son. Be inspired as you are in essence Introduced to a loving God, that has your best interests at heart.

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To this point with the first part of the trilogy, we have covered the creation and selectively chosen certain biblical figures that are very key and relevant for this hour.

Miss perceptions of the love, nature, and intent of God have done more harm than any good, this is sadly due to poor godly instruction and incorrect presentation of the Father Heart.

This novel will not be a word-for-word tale, for example, a direct derivative of the Bible in a sequential format, but rather a clearer picture of the Love, Deity, and purpose to the cross and beyond.

This Novel is then written under a "Creative license".