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Nothing that was ever scaped on the empty canvas of earth was without Him. In Him were the Life and the Light of all creation. He came unto His own, yet His own received Him not, neither knew Him. But unto whosoever receive Him, yes, unto these He gives the legal right to become children of God, not of the flesh, nor of man but the Will of God the Father. Continue reading
Whichever way you perceive it to be, you were mentally shaped even from prenatal development, even whilst in the womb. It is a known undeniable truth and study, the fetus can sense external stimuli and sensory influxes whether it be sound or if you are a believer, then you should agree with me that the Spiritual stimuli also plays the greater part of the making and shaping of the mind, even before the actual birth. Continue reading
Who knows the inner recesses of the heart. Who has found the key to unlock the deep inner door that leads to the dreams within? What will dampen the dream, or take away the zeal for seeing the dream come true? A dream not come true is no dream at all. In essence, a dream is a heart found aspiration that is formed in the inmost part of the individual. Continue reading
One would most assuredly expect the absolute opposite to the title of this article. Love is the most powerful expression or if you will force known to the ALL. The Word declares: "Love conquers all". Having this force in hand leaves us with quite a remarkable responsibility. Continue reading
The way I read this is that if you are 17 years of age and under, you ain't old enough to kill yourself with cigarettes, or become a drunk, book into rehabs and forever try to make sense of life whilst your life is busy dissipating. Continue reading
A Gift is given on the terms that it is meant to be received, a gift not received is no gift at all. I wish I could put to words the love and intent God has for this generation. If only you could grasp for one second what Jesus' earth sending and crucifix mean to us. Continue reading