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Taste and see, that the Lord is Good. I have tasted, I have seen. I must make this confession from the heart. I was at times so confused about that seeing that I actually started believing the lie that I will never see what I saw. To see that which you saw is a season, ask Moses, having been through a season in the backside of the desert for 40 years. Realized his election. It took 40 years of pasturing flocks before pu'rpose was revealed through him. Continue reading
I find it absolutely amazing that so many people use words they just don't comprehend the meaning of it. The most famous one the "plea" I am writing this letter, what the utmost respect and fear, knowing that it touches the most Sacred of topics aptly the Blood of Jesus the Christ. Continue reading
Even with the slightest notion or attempt to be more descriptive in the title of this article, would be a rather tedious task. I think the title in itself speaks of a common denominating note to consider, and that is quite simply if you can't see it, you aren't getting it. The Question still stands: "WHAT DO YOU SEE?". Do you see a contradiction to the voice of THE WORD in your life. Do you feel anxious and fearful, unsure of your tomorrow, do you have no more hope for a future. Is your heart broken, does it lie shattered and in pieces, do you feel stricken and robbed from your joy in life, have you even been as far away from joy that you may have suicidal tendencies. More bluntly put, have you lost your passion and zest for life? Continue reading
It was said that a "dog" is mans best friend. That is entirely true if you don't know GOD and hate people. Please don't think that I am trying to put God in a kind of parallel comparison with a dog. I had to learn through trial and error that the ones that sit the closest to your heart, end up messing you up. I have to a large degree a kind of scarecrow syndrome, the one where you refuse to make any new friends, just simply because you have been wounded so deeply by such that you just don't have any kind of zest for life. Continue reading
Life is a matter of doors. Oh, I can really write allot on doors, ask me, I have done all the stupidest things in opening doors, in fact, I can write an "idiod's guide" to opening doors. A wow door would open, and I am sure some would vouch for this, but I have a real talent for messing up doors...BIGTIME pal. But thank God, I have also opened up one of the most important of Doors, and that is the Door of my Heart for the Lord Jesus Christ to move freely by His Spirit. I will fight to the death, or the "great end" protecting this door. No fool or idiot will mess with my doctrine. Paid a hard price for it. Does not come Cheap. And neither should yours... Continue reading