18 Oct 2017

It is by no means my intent to judge any man or woman, however, I need to get this message across to you whether it might appeal to you or not, just think about it. I spoke to my wife yesterday, and as we were praying in the early morn as we do each day, she prays for revival.

Ok, fine by all means, the question I need to pose to you, firstly, why do you want revival, could this by any means mean that many get saved, large crowds, the whole yard and all. Well, I am glad to disappoint such but dearest, you have all the tools, and of most high importance…WE HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT.

What are you actually waiting for if I might ask? Sorry for asking these questions, but have you even as much as tried to bring the message of hope over to your next door neighbor? That lady that sits behind a cash register, have you even have as much thought as to just give a smile and say: “You are loved”.

Why then if these minutest of efforts seem insurmountable even an impossible feat, do you want to pray for Revival? Well, I have breaking news: “We are already having Revival in many churches in South Africa.

The other day I was standing outside Checkers shopping center, a very strange yet peculiar woman out of the blue just started chatting to me, it did not take more than 60 seconds for her to burst into tears, stating: “God so wants to use you”. Wow! That message came over to me quite strong.

I am writing this article or letter to myself here, maybe you fit into the same criteria than me.

Many are fully aware, fully alive, yet totally sleeping in the LIGHT. Stop looking at your own feet, lift your head, push out your chest and go for it girl or boy, somewhere out there needs you dearly. I can remember a time when I needed someone dearly, and Pastor Theuns Blom from Little Falls Christian Centre saved my life!

At times we are blinded and oblivious to the need and cry in the streets, people like us, yet most of our citizens hardly have more than one blanket living in a shack with no electricity, no DSTV Explora, or even a warm meal. Now let’s get back to the revival part.

So, you want to have revival but see the destitute, hurting and broken go to waste, is that it? Or do you want to be the main icon in initiating such revival,… you selfish pigged! Get on your knees, and get the hell out there amongst the needy (talking to myself people)

Wanna save souls, then you would be wise, and unfortunately, that is the only prize from God for winning a soul, you are wise, this does not mean you are a superhero. I would very much rather dish out a blanket and give someone a warm meal before giving them the message of Christ. Don’t you dare do it the other way around. 

These folks standing at the robots, Ok, in all honesty, they irritate me too! But hey, why don’t we fill empty 500ml bottles with Oros and give it to them with an apple or an orange? Come on people, I can’t give a hoot if you can do all these spiritual things yet people crave for the Word and go to bed (if they have one) hungry, alone and cold.

When last have you made your stop at nearest clinic or hospital with such as the dying, giving them hope and eternal salvation? Have you ever gone to a prison to share your testimony with the dudes inside, ok I have? But the point is friends, revival as you think it ought to be will manifest it a completely different form and fashion if you believe and do these elementary things first. Then we will see the Harvest come in.

Just give it some thought?


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