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God looked at the earth, observed and seen something beautiful. He looked at what appeared to be a rugged earth and saw a gem. The great task was set out of one that was to be the most beautiful painting of all. The empty canvas was set out for the painter's touch. Who knows, he could have painted many things for many reasons, but He chose you, he chose you and then started painting. He saw you, and said, surely this is the one that I will love. For in every conceivable color under the sun he painted with great care, yes, when it came to you, he took his time, look far, inside the depts of the painting, for if you observe and look closely you would see two, yes not one but two. When it came to the framing, he framed it with the stars. Continue reading
The Correct door will enter you into a state of absolute heavenly bliss… Life is a matter of doors. Oh, I can really write allot on doors, ask me, I have done all the stupidest things in opening doors, in fact, I think I can write an "idiots guide" to opening doors. A wow! door would open, and I am sure some would vouch for this, but I have real talent and knack for messing up doors…like in BIGTIME, you have no idea. But thank God, I have also opened up one the most important of Doors, and that is the Door of my Heart for the Lord Jesus Christ to move freely by His Spirit. Continue reading
I write on this topic simply to illustrate an easier way or method of understanding a fuse reaction in our acting out or behavior towards people each day of our lives. For this task set ahead I need you to picture a "bomb" with a fairly long fuse, and then secondly I need you to picture a "bomb" with a short fuse. A fuse in this scenario is a string, once ignited will make its way to the bomb, detonating it and cause an "explosion". This explosion could either be good or bad. A typical case scenario of a short-fused bad temperament person towards another person would be forever fighting with frivolous debates Continue reading
I find it absolutely amazing that there are just so many people using words they just simply don't comprehend or understand the meaning of it. The most famous one the: "plead" word. I am writing this letter with the utmost respect and fear, knowing that it touches the most Sacred of topics aptly the Blood of Jesus the Christ. Folks, please allow me to be your informant, the word plead is quite a common term in the judicial office. Should a party be found to appear in court: Each country presents its own court of law and legal system. This legal system is mandated, the most absolute governing measure stick for the soundness of a person, group and ultimately for a nation. The outcomes of the jury or any claims court are most absolute. The final verdict is at the very moment when the charge or accusation is proven as a matter of facts. Continue reading
The story of my life is one where one would reckon, hey! this guy has been through it all, and this is the truth, I have been through much in my life. I was born in 1979 with the soul cankering mental disease aptly Schizophrenia. Has it not been for the support from the Church I would not have made it this far. The reason why I am typing this article is purely and mainly for the fact that you can relax and realize that you are actually alright. We all live our lives, each one differently with our own certain reality, but at day's end, life is not easy. I would have words with anyone that claim the Christian walk to be a walk in the park, it is not. Continue reading