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Pardon me dearest, but I have some food for thought, a thought of! You know why? Did God create this? I am not going to answer you as yet. I will first let you chew on some food for thought of this letter of one, a letter of you. Why must one ask? Why about me? Why this Lord? How could you? For that I have the solution, want an answer on that, well, little, let me riddle you a rhyme, you came from One. But the Second came to conquer the question ALL finally ask, the question, the question of one, you! Forsaken indeed He was. Or please let me make this ring a tone in your ears, He did not just take on himself all your sin, He was right there at very point start when you were formed inside the deepest heart found. Continue reading
Ever heard these three words: "Cut it out" or "Just cut it out". What a wonderful amazing release this would bring to your life. Why would I make such a statement? Quite simply, seen that you allow certain characters in your life, and they don't always play by the BOOK (Bible) and act in a contradictory fashion towards you "When you are not around" see. Thank God for the discernment of spirits. I just cut them out, simple as that. Especially when it is a one way and not a bi-directional affair or friendship. One way friendships never last, the most upsetting treatment one can attain is the "silent treatment", it borders on the verge of something ugly. For those that understand me will know exactly what I am talking about. Continue reading
,The transliteration of these mere three words, shouts an anthem of the ultimate surrender to the Lord Jesus, The Christ in whose footsteps we ought to follow. I am not suggesting you become cursed, for is it not written: "Cursed is He that hangs on a Tree (Cross)". I must make reference to a dialog between Jesus and Nicodemus, a well versed and formidable teacher of Israel at the time. In a few verses, Jesus unwraps and unveils His entire Heavenly Plan, becoming flesh, then sin on a cross, giving Him access to Hell, ripping the keys of Hell and Death from Satan and giving us the legal right to become the Sons and Daughters of the Father. Even the Spirit of Adoption by whom we Cry Abba Father! Continue reading
I find it absolutely amazing that so many people use words they just don't comprehend the meaning of it. The most famous one the "plea" I am writing this letter, what the utmost respect and fear, knowing that it touches the most Sacred of topics aptly the Blood of Jesus the Christ. Continue reading
Even with the slightest notion or attempt to be more descriptive in the title of this article, would be a rather tedious task. I think the title in itself speaks of a common denominating note to consider, and that is quite simply if you can't see it, you aren't getting it. The Question still stands: "WHAT DO YOU SEE?". Do you see a contradiction to the voice of THE WORD in your life. Do you feel anxious and fearful, unsure of your tomorrow, do you have no more hope for a future. Is your heart broken, does it lie shattered and in pieces, do you feel stricken and robbed from your joy in life, have you even been as far away from joy that you may have suicidal tendencies. More bluntly put, have you lost your passion and zest for life? Continue reading