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What is a mistake? Quite simply what it says, you take amiss. Let me explain, with every choice you make you collect unto yourself..true? Many collect unto themselves pain and sorrow, to sin means to miss the mark, or God intended will and purpose for your life. Can we recover from a mistake, yes, but usually there is a time frame process for recovery from sin. What I mean by that, well, it took Adam 4000 years to recover from sin. Whatever a man sows that he reaps. Sow sin, your return for this pocket investment is death. Choose to do the right thing, and you earn a far greater exceeding wage eternally and in this life on this earth. Some have this idea, that we are rewarded for all our Good one day in heaven. That is semi-true, but not the ultimate, these spiritual laws will work now but render eternal benefit. For many that only believe in heavenly treasure, often drift away, with no sure hope for today and tomorrow. Continue reading
Some choose to deal with their pain with drugs whether it be prescribed or hardcore street drugs. We strive towards a perfectly happy world, however, neither the less I wish to inform you. This is a world as we know it to this point renders only hardship, sorrow and more evidently pain unspeakable. Whether you pop Grandpa's to treat your pain, or even prescribed drugs, or the extreme, taking up hard drugs to alleviate the pain that is so undeniably real in every way and escaping this reality most people resort to alternatives. Continue reading
We are called as light set on a hill. Shining in the light? No…we are set high giving light to those in darkness. Take a pitch black room, light up a candle and see the light pierce the darkness. You are a Glow with the love and power of God Himself. Before hence time you where in darkness now you are set alight to bring hope to a broken lost and darkened world. Continue reading
Ever read the little card on your birthday or Christmas gift, it is addressed to you with love from someone. Essentially you are given the gift because the giver treasure you in their lives and a gift you give exemplifies your love or intent for a person. When we give we give from our hearts, we do not hold back, we reveal our love for the ones we love. In other words, a heartfelt aspiration to show the evidence of your love. Continue reading
It is by no means my intent to judge any man or woman, however, I need to get this message across to you whether it might appeal to you or not, just think about it. I spoke to my wife yesterday, and as we were praying in the early morn as we do each day, she prays for revival. Ok, fine by all means, the question I need to pose to you, firstly, why do you want revival, could this by any means mean that many get saved, large crowds, the whole yard and all. Well, I am glad to disappoint such but dearest, you have all the tools, and of most high importance…WE HAVE THE HOLY SPIRIT. Continue reading