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Pardon me dearest, but I have some food for thought, a thought of! You know why? Did God create this? I am not going to answer you as yet. I will first let you chew on some food for thought of this letter of one, a letter of you. Why must one ask? Why about me? Why this Lord? How could you? For that I have the solution, want an answer on that, well, little, let me riddle you a rhyme, you came from One. But the Second came to conquer the question ALL finally ask, the question, the question of one, you! Forsaken indeed He was. Or please let me make this ring a tone in your ears, He did not just take on himself all your sin, He was right there at very point start when you were formed inside the deepest heart found. Continue reading
Taste and see, that the Lord is Good. I have tasted, I have seen. I must make this confession from the heart. I was at times so confused about that seeing that I actually started believing the lie that I will never see what I saw. To see that which you saw is a season, ask Moses, having been through a season in the backside of the desert for 40 years. Realized his election. It took 40 years of pasturing flocks before pu'rpose was revealed through him. Continue reading