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13 Nov 2021

Who knows the inner recesses of the heart? Who has found the key to unlock the deep inner door that leads to the dreams within?

What will dampen the dream, or take away the zest and zeal for seeing the dream come true? A dream that does not come true is in effect no dream at all.

In essence, a dream is a heart-found aspiration that is formed in the inmost part of the individual.

Most importantly, dreams are given to every person on planet earth, these dreams are normally then in most scenarios conceived as a child, usually in the first five years of the child’s life.

The Nature of such inclination is to pursue such desire if ever obtainable at all.
Every person has a child inside, where they can recall childhood memories of old, the moments, the places, and most importantly the things that lead to their dreams in life.

So often we want to reflect on the need to achieve one's dream, instead, we ought to make a place for the dream Giver…..God.

So, we start with a dream, and in actual fact, we tend to remove the dream from the dream Giver, and this way, many lose heart and their God-given dreams in life.

Many are born with the Gifts to achieve their dreams in life, and without the God connection they might excel in a particular arena, but this will not bring fulfillment and content.

Therefore, the Dream Giver, God, is and should in this regard be our ultimate desire in life.

Even though we dream BIG, this does not mean we can not achieve it…no, but before we can reach our dreams in life there are certain key kingdom criteria that need to be in place.

So then, a dream is a God idea for your life, and God wants to give you the desires of your heart, but often and most times we lose heart, and don’t complete the race set before us. Without seeing, without achieving, living an under-average life, should not be seen as the end of the race.

God wants you to pick up on your dreams. Never let go of your God-given dreams...

Sometimes, a dream might relate to a certain person that you loved, and sometimes we lose them. This is when a dream dies!
When a dream dies, this is then for sure the saddest funeral I have ever experienced.

This DOES NOT mean it was not a God Idea for your life, often and in most cases, people are the main cause that we give up on our God-given dreams in life.

Not that I am saying they do it intentionally, no, but rather out of nature and concern that might not necessarily be a God idea.

You might act the part for your dream, and expect everyone to play along, but this does not mean that people will miss understanding you. Don’t pretend as if everyone else knows that you meant to be someone you formulized in your heart.

Even though you know that this is the calling that God has put on your life means that not everyone might accept this.

So then, a dream is always but always connected to certain key people in your life. I have never heard of a dream that does not involve a third-party person. So then, if we are pushed aside, not needed, even as far as rejected. This can destroy a dream.

God who understands, allows us to move on, and sometimes the Lord will give us a new avenue to reflect the desire of the heart. God is in the business of giving new dreams.

Even though your dream might be dead, which means that a part of your life is DEAD, God can raise another dream in your life. God can bring your past failures, your obscure years into a river of living water.

Now then, the ultimate for any dreamer is to experience the tangibility of their dream and see it come to pass regardless of price.

The ONE and only means to achieve your own dream, is to sacrifice it ( your dream) in order to make another's dream come true. Period.

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