17 Dec 2017

The transliteration of these mere three words, shouts an anthem of the ultimate surrender to the Lord Jesus, The Christ in whose footsteps we ought to follow. I am not suggesting you become cursed, for is it not written: “Cursed is He that hangs on a Tree (Cross)”.

I must make reference to a dialog between Jesus and Nicodemus, a well versed and formidable teacher of Israel at the time. In a few verses, Jesus unwraps and unveils His entire Heavenly Plan, becoming flesh, then sin on a cross, giving Him access to Hell, ripping the keys of Hell and Death from Satan and giving us the legal right to become the Sons and Daughters of the Father. Even the Spirit of Adoption by whom we Cry Abba Father!

Jesus hung suspended on that old rugged cross, brings His first soul to Salvation right there and then. This was an allotted sinner, in all aspect and reasoning according to the law of the hour had to die.

Yes! His treason was a sin unto death, and there were no other means from this, other than following its full course…death! See friend, we too ought to place ourselves next to the Lord Jesus Daily, remembering all HIS benefits and being seated in Heavenly Places. You were born a natural-born God hater. You are from the offspring and seed of Adam. Needless to say, You, honey, where born an allotted sinner aiming in one direction and that is Hell eternally.

He that states that he or she has no sin makes God out to be a liar, and with all due respect, please don’t ever try and disprove GOD…He formed you in your mother womb, clothed you with love and Grace until such stage (Usually age 12) that you are ABLE or comprehend our err and thereby making a quality decision for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Your cross most assuredly is not a once off event and over, by no means does the Word speak of this, but it does tell me, that we SHOULD take up our crosses daily.

I want to place emphasis on the Word in the above sentence “SHOULD”. You are not forced, you are not obligated by any means, you will have to pick this one up yourself, But The Gospel is this, He will help you carry it. Cause He already carried it for us ALL.

I am happy and Glad for all positive conversions at the pulpits, love it and greatly rejoice therein and by it. But friend, even though you are then saved on the spot. You have not completed the full course required to express Christ in your life to the full.

I am not manipulating or making this a hard thing. Start with the small things, see your cross starts in prison. Once convicted of treason to death which we all are, you need to walk the walk to Mount Calvary.

Please don’t ever again blame God for your flesh that is still very much alive, when you point to God, four fingers are pointing right back at ya. Get your act together, stop blaming God and everything and everyone around you. Bend your knees and put your flesh to shame!

Some have a heavier cross to bear than is required, outweighing the portion of Grace given. See friend, His Grace is sufficed for you. The Grace has been provided. The Lord will NEVER give you a heavier cross than what you can bear. If you Love the Lord, but your Cross supersedes your God-given ability, it breaks down to the following, it is not your cross to carry…put it down and cling to your own cross!!!

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