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The story of my life is one where one would reckon, hey! this guy has been through it all, and this is the truth, I have been through much in my life. I was born in 1979 with the soul cankering mental disease aptly Schizophrenia. Has it not been for the support from the Church I would not have made it this far.

The reason why I am typing this article is purely and mainly for the fact that you can relax and realize that you are actually alright. We all live our lives, each one differently with our own certain reality, but at day’s end, life is not easy. I would have words with anyone that claim the Christian walk to be a walk in the park, it is not.

It will cost you everything because that is the very thing you did when you gave your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ that day, you gave Him your Heart. I seldom wonder if people truly understand the gravity of what they did when they said: “Lord, I surrender all”. You won’t change within the wink of the eye, it is progressive and we are formed into the image of Christ over a span of time if only all converts to Christianity could stick to their confession and follow through regardless the opposition and resistance.

When you laid down your life at the altar, God took you seriously. We wonder at many times, forever trying to make sense of our suffering, and yet we lose sight of the commitment we made to the Lord that day, and each day for all that it matters. But so it is true, you gave the most valuable part of you to God, and that is your Heart. Which means you instantaneously gained plenty of new enemies and I can promise you now, the going is gonna get tougher at times, you just focus on the Lord and keep pressing onwards to that greater goal!

If you have gone wayward, there is still hope, cause you see, the Lord will leave the 99 sheep to go after the 1. That 1 might be you and the Lord is calling you home, if you have fallen away from the Faith, take Heart and like the prodigal son, decide to return to your Father’s house.

Christianity today is not a convenience club, you will soon discover, handing your life over to Christ does require a price to pay, will you stand your ground when all seems to fall apart, or will you deny the Lord in your deepest sorrow? How long can you endure suffering?

Something along the line goes wayward and many Christians deny their deepest found beliefs, this is truly sad indeed. They convert to other religions and so forth just because they fail to place a perfectly good God in their trauma of life.

But this is hardly how it works, it is due to a certain lack of knowledge that X-Christians come to these conclusions. I can feel for you and understand that you have taken your losses and I am not going to use the story of Job to prove or gratify the situation. Life is tough, not just for you, but for all of us, especially if you confessed the Lord Jesus Christ as the Lord in your life.

To what end would you go, what would your heartfelt belief in the Lord require of you? The answer is plain: “Everything!”. Because that is exactly what you gave when you prayed the sinner’s prayer. Some try to shun or turn away against their primary confession of Christ and find themselves in deep waters. This is real. You surrendered your Heart to God and God actually believed you.

You are the centerpiece of God’s creation and His Love is so intensely focused on you, If you would only know this. You might raise an argument that God does not really care given the fact that there are just so many people on this planet called earth. You would be shockingly surprised how many people fall into this trap simply due to lack of knowledge and understanding.

My Bible says that he knows the number of hairs on your head, some have more hair than others, point being, God loves you so much, where you to be the only person to be saved then Christ would not have hesitated for one single solitary moment to lay down his life for you!

We often refer to the Lord as “Our personal Lord and Saviour” and there have been some disputes regarding this, seen that it is not an as per quote out of the Word (Bible). But I can assure you, dearest, it is very personal, cause the Lord longs to have a personal relationship with YOU and walk this road not alone, but with Him by His side at ALL times.

If God was really so good then why is humanity in such decay? Why are there abortions, rape, murder, orphans, widowers, broken and shattered people in the earth, how can we make a logical sense of all this if God is good or for all practical reasons even real?

Cause if He is for real then why does He not stop or hinder these brutalities? Simply because you can’t fit a Good God into a bad World, it is by no mistake that we live in such perilous times, this world is falling apart where evil is rampant and won’t end until the Lord’s second coming.

I want you to listen carefully what I am about to say to you: “God is not out to get you, neither has He ever instigated troubled times in your life, I know you might disagree with me but God is actually more than just Good, He is awesome!!!

If life was a walk in the park, then we would not have needed a savior, right? Which brings me to another depiction, an event that plays of in the Garden of Eden, here we find foul play at its core and best, the serpent beguiles Adam and Eve to partake in the forbidden fruit.

The only reason why I am making note of this is that please don’t ever in your life think or imagine that we as the whole of the humanity since the day of Adam have been suffering as an end result of Adam and Eve’s disobedience.

I hold this belief that God would have given Adam and Eve a full pardon, have they but only begged for forgiveness. But here sadly as it is, Adam blames God, he blames God for giving him this wife that beguiled him. This was a mistake on his behalf, ascribing his sin to the Lord and giving God the blame.

We by default operate by a 20/20 focal vision. If only you could grasp or even understand what is happening behind the scenes, then surely you would come to the realization that God is on your side and fighting for your very life. Never lose sight of Christ when your storm hits, cause it will and you will be tried, to see what lies truly in your heart. Will, you pack up and run? Or will you stand the test of time and run this race with His endurance, finishing strong at day’s end?

You are loved beyond measure dear friends! Jesus took the culmination of all sin ever committed and to be committed into his bosom, all the pain, the shame and died in our stead. This was no ordinary crucifixion, The Lord became sin himself and paid a very dear price, the cup he drank contained all of God’s wrath of ALL matter of Time, from A to Z, from the beginning of time till the day we all rise again.

Jesus was the firstborn from the dead, had He not completed this then we, unfortunately, would have no hope whatsoever, but it is for this very fact and reason that He is the firstborn from the dead, other than that, we would have been eternally doomed to place it in a more eloquent fashion.

Jesus loves you! Even if you can’t see it now, it will become even clearer and brighter the closer you draw to Him. I feel sincerely sorrowful for anyone of any race, gender and walks of life that has not made the decision to follow Christ, because they refuse to bring their evil deeds to the Light, but as such who have embraced the Lord, come to the Light, for all is made sound and clear and there is nothing to hide, seen that they are justified, just if they have never sinned.

The message I bring you today is one of Salvation, you can be saved from eternal separation from God, cause Hell is a real place and you don’t want to go there, trust me…it’s bad! 


Embrace Christ in your life because this will be the best thing you will ever do!

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