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Don’t we all grow up with a certain sense or notion of expectations in this life? I have been making a personal observation of peoples expressions and behavior lately, and with all honesty, some are very sad people, some are paranoid in this time we find ourselves in and just simply can’t see their way forward in this life.

We start out with great expectations, the way things ought to be, that which comes naturally to the mind of a child. Remember in nursery school how you would depict the “Happy Family” scene, this sun all bright, the little house, mommy and daddy with you and a white picket fence. But is this true or just some sheer disillusionment in life?

The answer to this as per the case scenario is both yes and no. Things you thought that should come naturally to the human life just ain’t the honest truth. So many people, you meet them every day, when you climb in the bus or taxi, you meet them in the workplace, you share friendship, yet there is an undeniable element missing that incompletes this picture once found and depicted in your childhood dreams and the perfect picture of joy and happiness.

We all want to be happy, and share life’s journey with keen anticipation. But sometimes this is altered and not a reality in most cases. We lose a loved one, we lose that held dearest to heart and we faint in our pilgrimage and journey in life.

How can one go about getting back in the picture once so thought of as the happy scene in life? For that, unfortunately, I don’t hold the recipe cause I can tell you now, there are many or most Christians in this world that are robbed from their portion and share of joy because of unrealistic expectations, even found as a child.

Great expectations lead either to:

1.) A great disappointment, or

2.) Great realization of such, that life on earth is just not easy.

The 3 most important years of any adolescent is between the ages of 19 and 21, why? Because is when you are shaped into what you or most people will become for the rest of their lives. After schooling, we head off to university with the sincerest hope that hey! If only, if only I could complete my studies then surely I would be a happier person, and so time progresses and you finish your varsity studies and yet there remains a hollow and empty void in your bosom and this just does not make you in any way a happier person.

And so we set out to our next landpost of happiness, if only if I could find the perfect job working for a decent salary I would be happy…right? you get the job, and at months end you get your salary and hey! Guess what? It did not make you happy.

If only I could find the perfect “Ben and Barbie” life in a relationship, then all things will be good and then, yes, surely I would be happy. After declaring your devotion to Holy Matrimony, you soon discover, this is not the complete picture of what you rated as being happy, but hey wait.

If only I had children, surely then I would be content and find sheer happiness, and so time sojourns and you remain a very sad and unhappy person and finally ending up resorting to alternatives of trying to make sense of this thing called life.

Even though you expressed all that is deemed needed for happiness you ended up a very unhappy person. Some become so depressed that they start taking medication in the form of “antidepressants” nothing wrong with that, I take them myself. But this everlasting journey never seems to hand you everything that is just wrong.

And so this is a Good Fight of Faith according to the Apostle Paul, count it all JOY! Count it all Joy when all hell breaks loose and everything seems to turn the odd way towards you. Count it all Joy when everything seems nothing less or even at best an absolute disaster. Why would we want to count it all joy?

Quite simply because we reside in a world that is busy decaying and falling to bits. The day Shall come when we shall behold Christ, where there shall be no more tears, no more sorrow, where the lion lies with the lamb, where there is absolute sheer happiness or for a better expression…JOY! unspeakable and FULL of Glory!

I am not trying to shun away from the truth that you can live that life now! You can at this time and hour find Joy in your sorrows. You can live the Christian life to the full and have a great deal of happiness.

The only problem is many or most Christian go through one hurdle in life and they classify God as not being Good. How is this then possible, expecting everything to be sound and perfect in a lost and insane world.

On your inner recesses and sense of Faith, we can collect that portion of Joy in the Lord, because the Joy of the Lord is our Strenght. The very last thing I would try to convey to you is a 100% perfect happy Christian life, in most cases this might render the absolute opposite simply seen that people get hurt, they get hurt and who is to blame, either the Church, Pastor or even God Himself and they harbor this certain unrelenting bitterness on the inside which leads to unhappiness and a great deal of dissatisfaction in this life.

Brother and Sister, count it all Joy! I am not typing this message with an escapist mentality, without the patience for the Lord’s second coming. Either way, you only get to live + – 80 years in life, regardless of the Lord’s coming. Make the best of your time on earth and when all seems to wage against you when you have become tiresome and weary where you say: “Lord I just can’t do this anymore”. Expect God to give you the Grace to continue this race set before us, the ultimate aim is not to lose track but rather to finish this race strong.


Many divert from the faith after having encountered loss of loved ones or even a lack of personal health or the health of others. This ought not to be so, through all that life has to throw at you, you Must count it ALL JOY!

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