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17 Nov 2021

The mind remains one of the greatest of phenomena's known to all, yet still, till this day, most of the brightest of mind's can't quite place or puzzle out this inter-connected organ known as the brain and mind of a human being.

Whichever way you perceive it to be, you were mentally shaped even from prenatal development, even whilst in the womb. It is a known undeniable truth and study, the fetus can sense external stimuli and sensory influxes whether it be sound or if you are a believer, then you should agree with me that the Spiritual stimuli also plays the greater part of the making and shaping of the mind, even before the actual birth.

In Biblical History, in book of John. We find an epic event where Mary visits her Aunt Elizabeth. At the moment and at the "hearing" of Mary's voice, John the Baptist, Cousin of the Lord Jesus, the babe (John) manifested and lept for JOY! in Elizabeth's womb. This is then the first Biblical proof and reference to the awesome reality of "Spiritual Stimuli".

I am placing a tremendous focus on the brain, why? Quite simply, the mind is the epic center and nucleus of the person. Ever so mistaken as demon possession, people suffering from severe mental conditions such as "Schizophrenia, Bi-polar, Parkinson's disease", and other kinds and forms of dementia are then not to be confused as demon possession or the devil, period. 

In order to believe such kind of gesture, would be even more dubious and insane, seen most of the mental disabilities are directly from a neurological diagnosis. You can't place the braintussue of a person under the microscope and say ok: "This is Schizophrenia". 

For all, that one may know, the brain in its mass of about 2 pounds consisting of fatty tussue, or lump, by far more superior than its consistency or appearance.

We can honestly only and surely just Love people exhibiting mental defectors and abnormalities in the brain.

I discussed this with my Psychiatrist a while back. I said to her: "Did you know that about 70% of your patients that walk through that door have a spiritual problem that escalated into a mental issue?" 

She firmly agreed. I also probed her even further, I said to her: "Did you know you can treat "spiritual issues" with chemicals, pills? This she also affirmed to.

Ok, let me tell you a little event that occurred at a certain Church. The Pastor whom I deeply admire and love had a youngster whom was what seemed to be demonically possessed. 

When they would pray for the child, the kid showed and displayed all the common manifestations of a demoniac, foam at the mouth, voices using his vocal cords, etc.

They then looked deeper, it just seemed they were not winning with this young man. They then referred him to a Psychiatrist. ONE tablet, no more manifestations in whatsoever format...I know, very interesting?

The definitive line with the insane, lost state of awareness and conscienceless or disassociated issues is incrementally ever almost 100% the same as a typical model and synopsis of the spirit man and it's realities.

WOW! Where do we draw the line friend?

This can become severely confusing, not only for the team of specialists assigned to the mental wellbeing of the person, the narration of coming to the final depicting diagnosis is puzzling but yet greater still, for the patient, it is HELL ON PLANET EARTH! Having gone through all the cycles of different kinds of chemical treatments.

I should know, I have been suffering from Schizophrenia for the past 23 years. Should you to know, my diagnosis, as per say, treatment-resistant Schizophrenia, or another market found known as: "Undifiretntiated Schizophrenia". In laymen terms: "They don't know what the hell is going on?" 

It is not by the letter or even textbook stuff. It is not cataloged, classified, penned down, and made a sure study of and by real type scenarios of people exhibiting these kinds of bizarre conditions I have to face each day...

To be continued in "Part 2"

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