29 Nov 2017

It was said that a "dog" is mans best friend. That is entirely true if you don't know GOD and hate people. Please don't think that I am trying to put God in a kind of parallel comparison with a dog. I had to learn through trial and error that the ones that sit the closest to your heart, end up messing you up, wounding you the deepest.

I have to a large degree a kind of scarecrow syndrome, the one where you refuse to make any new friends, just simply because you have been wounded so deeply by such that you just don't have any kind of zest for life.

These wounds, don't just heal overnight, and please don't tell me: "Hey, just get over it" How are you gonna go about getting "over yourself". This is no easy task whatsoever.

We never hold grudges. In the 17th Century, Francis dalasis said the following words: "Bitterness is drinking poison, expecting the other person to die" how true.

With bitterness, you always lose. Is it a sin to be angry?...No! Is it a sin, not to forgive?...Yes! In the same breath, I think we can say, anger will in the moment render you paralyzed towards forgiveness. We need to move on...

Some of you are so desperate for any a kind of love, that you will grab onto people that just ain't ever gonna love you back, in this regards I am making direct reference to single Christians and broken Families.

It is time. Time to return home. Your Father is waiting for you, just remember that.

Time of your homecoming has arrived.

We should not feel the constant need to apologize for absolutely anything and everything that crops up, but dearest...LET GO!

LET GO! of the past hurting years, let go of the unforgiveness, the pain, the shame.

Be the most absolute least when you direct yourself towards healing relationships. Cause this race we are running has never been intended to be run alone.

You need friends, and in order to have more friends you, in turn, must be "FRIENDLY", get what I am saying.

Stop making excuses not to make that phone call or surprise visit, you know why: "BECAUSE WE MAKE TIME FOR THE THINGS WE LOVE...PERIOD" 

This truth should blow the wind out of your sails, there is no excuse for Love, you either love the person, or you don't, there is no middle ground or gray area for this. And I know you love your family's and closest relatives. But we need to put our money where our mouth sits and act upon it.

Come home. You are loved!!!


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