11 Mar 2018

If there was ever a time in history or even in your own life, then I can gladly assure this, the time is now! The time is now and we collectively as the body of Christ need to move forward with the plans and purposes of God for the age. You don't want to miss this one. You have fought many battles and have come to the very point that is the crux moment you have been waiting for all these years.

Men of God, the time has come for us to stand our ground and be found in a ready preemtive position to activate the will of the Father in the earth. I have not come to this revelation in an instance, this was however confirmed to me both via people and the Lord. We get a moment as per case of a person, but this time is for the church to come with a full swing and hit the moment for a time such as this.

All I see is greenlights in the Spirit, men we need to put our foot down and go for it. Money, fame and success has lost it value in this time and hour, more and more people have come to the very point where their values has taken on quite a different form. Even if you have GROWN weary over a period of time, you need to do a reality check and realize, this is it men.

You are faced with two options here:

1.) You repel the drawing in the Spirit as it is now!

2.) You embrace the moment, cause I can tell you now pal, the time is now, more than ever!

Don't run, you have crossed the line and you are beyond the point of no return, you turn your back on the Lord now, you are finished, Satan will take you to pieces. I am not giving the devil any authority or praise, instead, I am warning you as the BODY of CHRIST. We have to move on this like in pronto.

He is the Alpa, He is the Omega, he knows the beginning from the end. I have heard some ridiculous statement that God has decided to turn the clock back..woo hooo! That's rubbish! God is not confused when He will send his Only-begotten Son, Jesus the Christ into the earth.

In that day, shall the Lord find Faith in the earth? God is not a respecter of personalities, and the judment seat sits equally in it's finding for all. The atmosphere is pregnant with an atom bomb about to go loose around the Globe and more locally, South Africa!

Don't mess this moment up!

If you are available and teachable, obedient to the call for the hour, you will discover and find yourself in favor as a vessel of honor to be the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus Christ in the earth.

He that is of the earth, speaks of earthly matters, but he that is of Heaven speaks of Heavenly matters. We need the mind of Christ and read this picture correctly. How sad it would be for you to miss this moment, I can imagine how disappointing it would be for you to appeal to the lust of this world and its ways, and deny the very Christ that is our soon and coming King.

It is happening people and I am in an absolute state of ecstasy, standing firm and ready to respond to the moment. I have set aside ALL of my own ideas pertaining that which is needful for the flesh. All for Jesus!

While you are jumping, you might as well jump through the roof whilst at it, get it?

Your Father Abraham saw this day and was Glad, I would very much appreciate it if you show any a kind of appreciation. We are the very one to reap where we have not sown, to gather in barns where we have not labored. For look, the fields are white unto Harvest....are you?

In this final hour, the hearts of many shall become willing. Foot soldiers, in unison sing at march, hail King Jesus!. Are you ready for a fight? Or are you about to back off and run? Should you be a partaker of the Divine nature of God, and run, you are denying the Lord Jesus! The Lord, in the company of His angels will unfortunately deny you too! And ain't Good, cause you burned your ticket to inherit eternal life, this is how critical and serious this is, see!

If you never paid any attention any of my letters, don't miss out on this one, if this was the only message I needed to transcribe to the men of the hour, then this would have been suffice.

Come on men of God! Wake up, not only are homes breaking to bits, but as a whole and country we are not in good shape at all. I must tell you this much on a more spiritual note. Each country presents it own life or if you will spirit. This spirit is a strongman or demon and will endeavor to penetrate homes, tearing our children apart and create absolute chaos in both the realm of the spirit and the norm.
Michael and his angels are standing with ready swords, ready to strike Satan a severe blow in these demonically fortified cities or countries. This is our final hour dear brothers, If it was not so then I would not waste my time writing you this urgent report from the King.

All the signs of the times is a living testament to what I am writing to you now. Stop making debt and start scaling down, cause from a prophetic standpoint, you will soon discover, your money, your stuff will soon be worth nothing. And I think this has become a reality for most Christians in this land of South Africa. Stuff, means absolutely zip!

What we MUST DO NOW! Is get actively involved wherever there might be a need, I am not suggesting you go in hidding, seeking God's face for your call. Get going and make an impact to those around you.

Where are the mighty men of valor, where are the ones that fought the good fight of faith and gradually started disappearing off the map? The remnant such those who withstood the test of time, shall rise in the earth and claim back that which the enemy unrightly has stolen. It is payback time!

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