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21 Oct 2021

The way I read this is that if you are 17 years of age and under, you ain’t old enough to kill yourself with cigarettes, or become a drunk, book into rehabs and forever try to make sense of life whilst your life is busy dissipating.

The most important three years of any adolescent are from the age of 19 to 21. These very few three but critical years will shape you into what you will become for the rest of your life man.

Now! You finished school, entering the brave new world of being allowed certain privileges you were just never allowed or even offered.

So yes, you have some really steady questions to answer, I have made many mistakes, taken up stuff I should never have. When I see an adolescent, I warn wherever I go, I have learned from my mistakes if only I can get others to listen.

Listen here, you might be on the brim of entering the age of 21, jip! You're a man or woman now. I set before you two choices…life or death! How can you say that Jaco? Don’t ask me, read the AGE RESTRICTION WARNINGS and RATINGS on the worst inventions known to mankind, this may include, tobacco, alcohol, pornography, clubbing, gambling, movies, and so on…

Yes, you are now old enough to destroy yourself and everyone around you. You have been waiting for this time for many years right, you wanna hang out and be cool, I am cool with that, but you know you can also hang out with the right crowds.

You don’t need to be streetwise, street cat! You hang out with JC (Jesus Christ) He sticks closer than a brother. I can give you a 100% guaranteed stamp, your so-called hang-out buddies will ducktail and run when the banana hits the fan. ASK ME, I know friend.

It is not just whom you hang out with, it is what you say and of more important note…do!

I would very much appreciate it if you make notes right now, cause I have been through all this, I am 42 years of age on my way to 50. Buddy, stop hanging and pay more attention to JC.

Just because you have been deemed old enough to destroy yourself completely I need you to consider these words from the heart. You need to embrace Jesus Christ in your life.

This means you will lose all the wrong friends. Cause you will discover your TRUE FRIEND! He will never turn or run on you, you know why? Cause he is God and he will never leave your side or forsake you ever friend.

I have heard of so many people that trashed their lives, hiking, spiking, and enjoying their freedom of choice! You choose this day, and say, hey! I might not have the best marks in High School but hey! I have some very good and quality choices to make at this time. Don’t mess it up!!

Your brave new world will leave you with 2 choices:

1.) You make mistakes and this is good! Don’t do it again, be like me and then try and help others not to make the same mistakes too!

2.) You don’t make mistakes, this is great, you won’t be a street cat, but this is the one to go for!

The choice is up to you.

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