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Quite recently my life has changed for the good. I purchased one of Nate’s albums aptly: “Therapy Session“. One of the best things that ever happened to me. Truthfully I can say, jip, music has pretty much shaped me into what I am today.

I have listened to most Christian bands from the age of 14, currently sitting at age 39. Call me crazy for all that it is worth, but I discovered myself in the lines and words of Nate. I know some would get a hissy fit when listening to the sound of his music. His sound and message do not in any notion or gesture appease to everyone.

I never really gave much attention to RAP music. It’s more than just a good sound, the Words of Nate’s life-story he penned and mapped out in his records, I actually got so hooked on his sound that man, I am rapping in my prayers, when I talk to people I can’t help but speak in RAP mode. You might think Rap music is aggressive, that might be true, but what are you actually afraid of?

It has helped me to deal with my mess. Look, I don’t expect you to like his way, method or sound, you just do yourself the favor and listen to his sound. This guy is for real. I have changed my whole perspective on life and its values through Nate’s words.

I am long yard far from perfect, ain’t me. I am not using Nate’s life story and sound to pull rank or to score points, his music speaks to me and gets me going and it lifts me when I feel short of some passion to continue…

The page you should take note of is Nate’s page. This guy has been from the guttermost to the uttermost. Had nothing, has everything, yet remains real.

We sit with a world in pain, hey! Yes, this world is in diastrates. You want to go to church, put on your pretty face and try to impress the Pastors. Get your act together, get in with it, or please just get out.

It is a new season and through Nate’s words, I have found the key to rid of a lot of stuff that is eating at me. We are the outcast, for now, hate me, bury me in a “home” where I reside as a permanent resident, I have to DJ each day for people from 8 am till 12 pm. I tell you, these people, well most of them are seriously sick.

I medicate them on a daily basis with a Good sound, they can’t express but praise God all the way, I can impress upon them the true nature of God’s Love. Yes, they can’t talk, walk or eat as you do, they eat and drink through straws. You wanna get a smell of that, well you just pop in one day and see for yourself.

I work at their Soul, while some might think, who is this dude trying to make a difference? After all, he is just crazy. Yes, should you know, I am sicker than most people in this joint.

Give these people a bit of a beat and they revel and dance inside that which seemingly appear to be an empty shell. There is someone behind that closed door.

It gives me quite a kick, sitting before 90 people and pour my life into them. Every syllable, every Beat, my Heart to see these people get healing. The best one can do is just love on them.

Well this is enough of me, but know this much, I have spent 70 plus weeks in mental rehabs the past 19 years, I have had to endure 21 brain shock treatments (ECT), Hospitalized 25 plus times, spent about a year in a nursing home, I been taking hectic medication each day the past 19 years man, I hate pills.


Yeah! You can just say: “Thank you Lord” cause most of you are actually quite OK.

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