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08 Oct 2021

The life is in the blood, in effect when we take additives in the form of pill format we are influencing this delicate balance within our blood makeup. These results may vary in reactions but the real cause for any person, including me using, is just quite simply to kill the pain.

This systematic release of benzo’s (Tranquilizers) in the bloodstream may be a sense of calm periodically and one may feel a sense of relief. But when the pain is ever too undeniable, we go back to the pills.

Look, I am a Schizophrenic, diagnosed 22 years ago, I am on the worst schedule 5 (S5) medication you can think of. This alters my muscles which includes my movement, after 30 brain shock treatments, I can’t even sit straight in my chair friend.

I tend to, and also resort to "painkillers" (Tranquilizers) at times, they work for a short breather of time, but the true peace we so desperately long for can only come from our Maker, The Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.

With taking Benzo’s I am in a sense trying to kill the detrimental side effects of the prescription drugs that I am on, these side effects are that of a kind and sort that you would rather not want to endeavor.

This is my life, I can’t even go to the shopping mall without medication, I can make one stop, other than that, coping becomes too stressful which in turn flairs various psychotic symptoms.

I am sick.

I am not against medication, in the 17th century, if you had Schizophrenia, as a woman, you would be burned alive on a stack, they truly believed these women were witches, if you were to be a male during this time, they would shackle you naked, lying, and dying in your filth, if you know what I mean.

Even till the 1930’s they were still performing lobotomies on schizophrenics, this was an operation where they would scrape away the frontal cortex of the brain, but they soon discovered this rendered or left the person in an even more child induced state and needed more around the clock care.

But then you may get a person, that just can’t cope with life, you know, maybe you are hurting inside for whatsoever reason might be, and trying to fix the pain with pills is not the ultimate answer, yes there is prescribed medication that can help you during a buffer period but should not be seen as a long-term solution.

Pill dependency is rather unimaginably cruel in life, each chemical whether it is focused on the brain functions and pureblood chemistry has an effect regardless of how you perceive it to be.

I smoke a lot, I take an aspirin (Disprin) each day, it opens the veins, why? Because 1 cigarette narrows your veins for up to 6 hours, yes, the blood does not circulate as it should, and evidently, you simply can imagine that the blood does not reach all the vessels in the body of the person.

The next few words are carefully and sensitively chosen, you know, maybe you lost a child, a husband, a wife, or a loved one, and you have come to a climax that resorting to pills is the answer.

It is not.

I understand you have pain, but the pain that you feel needs to be addressed by the one that created every single molecule of your being including the spiritual and emotional (soulish) dynamics.

God sees your pain, and today, I reach my deepest love and sympathy towards you for your loss in life, take my hand, let’s decide to rely more on the Lord.

There is a song called: “lean on me” when you are not strong. You know, that which you might be facing now, I have already conquered by the grace of God, if you have any questions, use the questions button on my menu bar, I am here for you.

You may wonder, how can this kid help me?

Well, friend, I have been sick for the past 22 years with the most atrocious mental disease in the whole of the medical fraternity. I have a 22-year gap on my CV jobwise, but with life struggles, I have been ever so determined to cope and have learned a lot.

These Psychiatrists won’t just give you an ECT for no reason at all. ECT is short for (Electro Convulsive Shock Treatment). I have had 30 of these treatments.

My life has been hell on planet earth for the past 22 years, believe me, you have a friend in me that is acquainted with your suffering and grievances, I have learned life the tough or hard way, a way I did not choose for myself.

Nevertheless, God is Good! And He’s Grace is and has been sufficient for me. I have nothing to hide from the public and I know big-time pastors and ministers feed on my writings.

It does not take long for people to like or love me, inside is a deposit made 22 years ago, and this has carried me till now. You know, a month ago I was lying in a hospital bed (Intensive Care Unit, or ICU) strapped to machines to keep me alive.

I deliberately overdosed on hectic medication to end the pain, yes you heard me correctly, I wanted to cut my life short right there and then. My blood pressure at a time was 200 over 115. Those that know a little about this topic will tell, hey! That’s bad.

I am supposed to not have made it, but thankfully and gracefully the Lord pulled me through for you. Every day, when I open my eyes, I have to prepare myself for another day in hell on earth.

There are coping mechanisms and exercises you can practice even workouts to help cope with the pain or depression you have to face each day, but ultimately:


I am not telling you to stop using, whatever your on, start by leaning on my shoulder, cause it is here and is ready to understand the pain you might be going through.

So yes, as I said before, on the menu bar above is the “ask me questions button” Ask me anything you need help with relative to using substances to cope with the pain.

Love, Jaco

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