10 Dec 2017

Prior to where I am standing this day 17 years ago had a taste of that to come, in fact, I was so excited that I locked myself in my bedroom for 120 days, praying and fasting. I saw, but yet to see.

Our Lord made reference when confronting the Pharisees and Sadducees and used these very profound words: “Abraham saw my day, and was glad”. In essence bringing into time a reality at a set season that One would be born, cut covenant with himself and produce children of promise, even of God. Therefore we are glad and rejoice greatly having this proof in hand, on our lips of praise, because God inhabits the praises of His people.

To us was delivered a summary of truce, one of power and that of might. Of that which you saw, will ultimately take you through a journey of a very as per case basis to see. So we saw but yet to see. The saddest would be a man or woman, that saw, but just will never see.

You see friends if you saw, yet lost sight of the promise through much affliction and turmoil, through years of much suffering and rejection, having parted away from the mystery and God’s plan for your life as one entity of a whole, breaks my heart.

I tremble in fear giving thought to the reality that I could miss it 100%. For this very reason and fact that I saw, but might never see.

There is a set season of progressive development in attaining the prize. When you see that which you saw, on the innermost part of even you being, you will recollect in that future past memory, that will greatly stir in your innermost senses, you shall recognize the time and season, it shall be true and it will set you FREE!

Taste and see, that the Lord is Good. I have tasted, I have seen. I must make this confession from the heart. I was at times so confused about that seeing that I actually started believing the lie that I will never see what I saw. To see that which you saw is a season, ask Moses, having been through a season in the backside of the desert for 40 years. Realized his election. It took 40 years of pasturing flocks before purpose was revealed through him.

I must record on this blog, I saw. Just ultimately yet too great to put into words in this moment.

I am yet to see. I have tasted and it was good. After a season of much torment and suffering, the greater the purpose of that which one saw, will harmoniously together in a orchestrated means be a pre determent moment founded before the very foundation of creation, without any void, the greatest harvest recorded in space, time and continuum.

At times we might lose track and pace, forgetting what we saw and this might ultimately result in missing the moment.

I humbly admit, 15 years ago I was diagnosed with the worst imaginable mental disease known to the medical fraternity, aptly Schizophrenia. During the run of the past 17 years. I have spent 68 weeks in mental institutions, 25 times hospitalized, 21 times brain shocked (ECT). Four months in a nursing home and to a degree still suffer until this very day.

The Joy I wish to pen to this article is, have I not seen the today, I would have given up a Long time ago. I saw, and that which I saw was too great for me in that present moment to be contained, but yet to attain. It has brought me through much pain, rejection, tears, and confusion. Could this really be true?

Is this Harvest I saw, for real? Friends in Christ, I can gladly report that that which I saw you are about to see. (period) It appeared to me even more and vaguer through the suffering of Schizophrenia, trying to differentiate between reality and hallucinations or living a fantasy.

I now carry the Truth. I will not depict what I saw, God Himself forbid me to put it in this letter, but when it appears, you shall know. You shall know the truth and be set free, in unison sing: “Shine Jesus Shine” I have seen the harvest. My role at play in this harvest was not one of much recognition yet I have touched lives across continents in ways you have no idea.

It is my allotted destiny and brings me great joy at the sight as it is busy unfolding before my very eyes.

You better get very excited or very scared, either of the two, the harvest has come, the harvest is already here.

SOUTH AFRICA SHALL BE SAVED. I saw it, now, at this very moment, with uncontainable Joy, have to let you in, it has come.

With Love and much patience,

Your brother in Christ, our Master.

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