21 Feb 2018

Pardon me dearest, but I have some food for thought, a thought of! 

You know why? Did God create this? I am not going to answer you as yet. I will first let you chew on some food for thought of this letter of one, a letter of you. Why must one ask? Why about me? Why this Lord? How could you?

For that I have the solution, want an answer on that, well, little, let me rhyme you a riddle, you came from One. But He came to conquer the question ALL finally ask, the question, the question of one, you! Forsaken He was indeed. Or please let me make this ring a tone in your ears, He did not just take on Himself all your sin, He was right there at very point start when you were formed inside the deepest.

He did not only come just to prove, but rather to clinch you from Hell's grip. He did it all. And with His very last solemn breath, hailed: "It is Finished". Not everyone completes the test of time, and this is the letter of one to you...

"The letter of time, one of you"

The only trickster I see in this picture is one which is fallen, he had made fame, one-third of Heaven, the one you are afraid of! Is this the one that deceived the nations? Many shall ask.

Let's settle this matter at heart once and for all. You, you believed the lie. This One seed is of the firstly kind. Yeah! Let all Man die, then Rise!

You where created to ask these questions...Quite bluntly put, you need to see to understand. Unless you see, you will never give an answer to the cry..."Lord why?".

What you make of this Life is entirely up to you. Yeah! You know why...


You were on His mind alongside that steady road, even mount Calvary, more than you would ever know. You are His love, such beauty as only you are. With much fear, trembling, and Joy you were found. This was never done before, this was never, ever to the slightest glimpse of thought of any a Heavenly kind, that He could ever create time, or even you. If you only knew His love for you, as it is true.

You were on His mind, all along. Be it as it may, you are here to stay, if this world was founded only for you to be astounded, you will come to the conclusion that only time will answer...

Why Lord? Why am I in want? Cant you get the bigger picture, you came here for His very Own. Little ones to Him belong, you are weak, but He is strong.

Embrace your dimly fainted picture, you have founded, as child, the sun, the joy astounded! Am I the one that you should rhyme this? Ask again when you have founded, why you are here, only time can unrhyme this. 

This is why I write this, dearest rhymer. Come so close you can almost hear, My Heart for you, such Love confounded. I am your Lord, never abandoned a single...One of you, you start to blame Me for all your sorrow! Come now dearest, allow me to solve this. I died for you, only because I knew, your life of pain, your life in shame. 

Yea! Let all Man die and then Arise! When I will Shine upon your darkness, bring Joy then Laughter, as only time has founded. You see, I saw. You learned, I  know, you have been so long alone, your soul cries aloud: "LORD WHY?". I hope my rhyme has found its pardon, because...

Yeah! Let all Man die, then Arise! 

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Jesus Christ why God? Why Lord Time

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