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15 Sep 2021

I have been pondering on this term for the past few years, and each time I realized the truth of the matter. The word “so” carries the weight of your true devotion to God.

Let me give you an example. I might hold a 1 Kg weight in the one hand and a 10 Kg weight in the other, now I lift the 10 Kg weight and I make this proclamation, God I love you “So” much.

Some people are holding a Balloon in one hand and make their proclamation to the Lord, I love you “so” much. Although the Balloon might appear larger in size, hardly carry any weight.

Jesus gave this piece of Information when He was at the well of Jacob, we know that certain woman came to this well, and there we find the Lord entrust with this woman one of most profound insights to our Heavenly Father, Jesus said, that “they” that worship the Father, “must” worship the Father in Spirit and Truth”

For now, I want to deal with “Truth”. I don’t know why. But some people actually think that they can impress God by their Charismatic behavior when they attend Church. When we pretend to be jovial in personality, and loud in Worship, May in actual fact be rejected by the Father.

Let's go back to the beginning. Adam’s two sons, Cain and Able, both brought unto God sacrifices. We know that these two sons knew the truth of sacrifice, we can then accept that this knowledge was transferred from Adam. 

Getting back to Cain and Able. The Lord our Father, ultimately only accepted Able’s sacrifice. This sacrifice carried weight and truth.

We also know of a certain widow, that gave the last of her money into the offering. She gave out of need and last of her money. Jesus said that this woman gave more than anyone else.

I need to ask myself, am I giving an offering that is true at the feet of the church, or am I making a light-hearted contribution to the Work of God.

When you empty your wallet during offering time, now, this carries weight and substance. What am I trying to do here, make the church of God rich, not at all, God is already rich, our God owns the cattle of a thousand hills, God can whip up any kind of finance at any given moment.

I don’t need to tell you the story of Ananias and Saphira, we know where they ended up because of their untruthful giving. God is extremely sensitive in this area of giving.

John 3:16

For God “so” Loved the World, that He sent His only Son “to die”, that whoever believes in Him, will not perish but have everlasting Life…..

God put His only Son on the altar. Now I need to ask myself, what am I willing to put on the altar for God, so that next time I sing “Lord I love you so much”, that “so” becomes more and more “so” increasingly, that I am willing to give my utmost, even my very Life…

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