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15 Sep 2021

Even with the slightest notion or attempt to be more descriptive in the title of this article, would be a rather tedious task. I think the title in itself speaks of a common denominating note to consider, and that is quite simply, if you can’t see it, you aren’t getting it. The question still stands: 


Do you see a contradiction to the voice of THE WORD in your life? Do you feel anxious and fearful, unsure of your tomorrow, do you have no more hope for a future?

Is your heart broken, does it lie shattered and in pieces, do you feel stricken and robbed from your joy in life, have you ever been as far away from the joy of the Lord that you may have suicidal tendencies? 

More bluntly put, have you lost your passion and zest for life?

In such case scenario, I would need you to do something very brave, and that is to open your eyes, but even more so importantly, ask the Lord to Light the lamp of the eye. 

The eye serves as the window of the Soul. If the eye is evil, that shall be your portion, and this corrupts the entirety of you! if the eye is good, goodness is your portion in life.

If you see the life you currently live as dark with no light, then I please need you to continue reading this article.

There are several voices in your life. These voices can become truly disturbing and confusing. This may manifest via direct influence from Satan, or on the other hand, Satan using someone else as a medium to work your case. You need sound discernment here!

Often one find an individual that for all matter and sense, lost their JOY! WOW! What a huge topic one can preach on for years. Tactically speaking, Satan’s primer tool or weaponry is to steal that part or ingredient of your inmost which maintains the Joy of the Lord. 

Cause the Joy of the Lord! Is your strength. No joy = no strength. And it does not take a deep knowledge of the Word to grasp this concept.

Satan has a 101 point written manual on ways to ruin your life and take that precious ingredient the Lord Jesus intended and turn it into something where you actually start to believe that God does not love you anymore!

Circumstantially speaking things might be rough in your life and it seems like you never going to get your break. You ask the common question that God our ABBA hears each day: “WHY?” 

How can a God of Love permit these things, or for all practical reasons allow them to happen? Dearest beloved, I don’t hold the answer to these questions, however, I may tell you that He loves you so intensely and intently that He sacrificed His only begotten Son for you.

You have been looking through darkened glasses for far too long now, it is time, time for what Jaco? Time to take of those darkened glasses off and see life anew, 

Because I prophesy over you now: 

“SEE! IN JESUS NAME…SEE!!!” See the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living, SEE a hope and a future, SEE Life and that more in abundance, SEE a breakthrough, SEE Joy, prosperity, longevity and laughter for Heaven’s sake.

Paul, the most incredible witness of Christ, testifies and says: “I wish you all would prophecy”. Why would Paul make such radical statement? Simply because the blind can’t lead the blind, will they not both fall into a pit?

We need the full capacity of the Prophetic gifting in the local church, but without a seer, you are blindfolded without the means of getting anywhere in Life.

There are two scenarios of seeing:

1.) God openly shows you the future and your life as it is.

2.) And secondly God uses someone that can SEE to lead you by the hand.

Not all may or can see. What makes this so beautiful is, God does never give one individual all the gifting. He loves it when we are co-dependent on one another, we can’t do life alone!

We need the Prophetic in the Church now more than ever. Without visionaries, your church is not going anywhere! Visionaries are the type and kind that has received THE Grace gift of the prophetic.

We honor them indeed, why? Should I even ask twice? Because we are pointless without a seer or the prophetic gift in the church as it has been since Christ.

So yes! We need to SEE!

Even if it is via someone else. I know you are all familiar with the story of the five foolish virgins? Not having enough OIL to SEE. Where shall they Go? You need some fresh OIL (Anointing, presence of God) to be ABLE to SEE!

Dearest beloved. In closing, If you need to see, ask God for this, truly seen that you will have nothing but discourse if you have no means of seeing where life leads you.

The blind can’t lead the blind. I pray that even if you can’t see for but a little while, that the Lord will send someone into your life to lead you by the hand.

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