05 Nov 2017

This article reaches far beyond gender, race, nationality, way of life and stereotypes. There comes a time in one's life where we must place our priority table to chart and see what we rate the most important factor or reality in our lives.

In question, this article's title should not come as a surprise, but the clue is evident, it's all about, yes, Who is the Boss in your life?

It has quite a ring to it, doesn't it: "Who's the Boss?" Cause pal, what or whom the ever your boss is, you will serve your time. 

You love money yeah!

Well, money is ya boss in that a case. 

I sat down with a certain Psychiatrist, I said to her, "you can place 1 Million bucks down on that table, and say, there you go my boy, it is all yours, I won't even wink an eyelid, but rather say: Don't want it, I have zero interest in it.

Her response was one stating: "You need a maintenance brain shock treatment (ECT)." and she was not joking either, she was dead cold serious. Neither the less, evidently that was her last session with me.

If money is your Boss, your life is like wearing a $5 Gucci watch. 

I have taken note how some ministers sell themselves off the stage in the name of love, and honestly, I feel very and sincerely sorry for them. 

Then they wonder why their lives are falling to bits. 

According to the Word of God, you are entitled, permitted, allowed to serve only ONE MASTER, either GOD or MONEY...You cant serve both (period)

When the Lord sent out the disciples two by two on their first evangelical mission, His words were, take "nothing" with you. Now I don't know what nothing means in your dictionary, but as far as my human reasoning, it pretty much means, Nada, nil, naught, zilch, nix, zero, zippo, zip!

The third and final temptation of the Lord Jesus Jesus was an offer FROM SATAN, the kingdoms of this world and all that goes along with that, should HE but only fall down and worship him (Satan). The Lord responded with a rebuke: "Away from me Satan, for it is written: "You shall serve the Lord your God and Him Alone."

If you are one of those ministers that I mentioned in the above notation, then I want to reach out a hand of love and it is my sincerest hope that you would relook at your value system and realize "Hey!" I won't let money dictate my behavior on stage or in life. Cause after all pal, none of us are perfect.

The conceptualized form of mind, in thinking that we ought to realistically approach human behavior, politics even our very Faith is very contraceptive and constitutes a sense of self-human reliance is in every criterion leaving little or no scope for the Living God to be present.

In the modern day society, we find that transformational idealist, would protect their self-interests, whether it be economical, sociological behavior and contributing factors which depicts a Life where God is not needed. A Godless society, the essence of such transformation which contributes towards the perfectionism of mankind through its own abilities and means, which excludes God.

The World who at large, is moving back to God. Symbolisms has failed, Realism has failed…..GOD HAS NEVER FAILED. And people cannot escape this one Reality, there is One sovereign God who Lives. We fail in many a instance that we as sociological creatures, should not only stand in relation to man but a personal ongoing deep profound relationship with God.

Skewed ideologies have caused this human race more harm than any Good, it has transformed the way we see and think. Few who have grasped the Kingdom of God reality has not fully voiced their message to a dying world. 

We ought not to ever restrict the Working of the Cross and evidently the Work of the Spirit of God in our lives, and more largely, social groups, cultural groups and ultimately for a nation. Where do we draw the line to humanistic behavior, when should we be regarded as ones living in the flesh?A heart fully surrendered is of more costly worth to God, than all labors. Surrender everything to God. Give Him Preeminence in your life. Let the cross be seen in you. 

Taking the forces of nature, the working against human behavior is then not seen as an act of God against the sinful. But rather, the sinful abiding world. A world that has not known their God, a World lost, yet in realism, we are taught not to rely too much on God, but I tell you, one might be an idealist progressing towards own self-interests and self-manufacturing.

But unless one surrender all to God, one's life will constitute the essence of the first formulation of rebellion which was birthed in a creature called Satan. 

When we look at realism and how dramatically is has ruined nations, and in essence contributed in no means to this human race. In relation to a working earth that evolves daily, as knowledge increases upon knowledge, a life where God is hardly needed. Everything is so comfortable in within reach.

The self-human dependence is then completely man orientated and speaks of self-interest instead of dependence on God. God is and should be everything, our total reliance is upon God and knowing that without Him we are but nothing.


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