12 Oct 2017

So some are set out to launch out at your calling, yet have not proven your calling and election sure. Let me assure you, your calling and election is not a once of event, or even more, a special touch. You are most absolute not more than God say's you are, neither less!

I want to challenge you today, yes, you are sure, your calling and election is a sure thing. You can still miss the moment, and that is the epic tone of this article, swinging and never hitting anything.

HIT YOUR MOMENT when it comes, cause I can assure you, you only get one swing at this one.

There are many things you may do over from scratch, but friend, you can hit at nothing and your result will evidently be nothing. Yet I want to aspire you never quit swinging the batten, you want to connect and hit it, pal, it will be a sure thing.

Quite recently I have tried to contact a certain individual and let him know, ok boy, go for it, HIT IT! But unfortunately, he missed it. My words to him were "You're greatest hour has come". He blocked me on his email account and yea! Sad man...

Having studied many lives of history makers through the ages, I have come the most honest conclusion, you miss it, you miss it 100%. HIT THE MOMENT, whilst it is still called today!
You miss by an inch, you pal miss by a mile...

The history makers and pacesetters of time are of another kind altogether, yes, I am suggesting not all have been brought into this sphere and age just to hang around. When your moment comes, cause each one of us has a swing at this, not everyone HIT IT.

HIT IT, whilst you are swinging, swing with all that is in you! You will have many chances to do many things afresh, but HITTING your moment is a scares thing friend, you only gave one swing at this.

Do you know when you are Ok for your call, you ain't gonna want to do anything pertaining to ministry, then God will empower you to press on, not looking back, progressively live into your call.

Like Pastor, Ray McCauley says: "The Call won't take you, where His Grace won't keep you."

I feel sorry, annoyed and angry, that there are many flukes floating around presenting themselves in presumption to be something they just ain't.

So yes! My message now is that you better be very sure, before you launch out to start any a kind of ministry. This in effect would mean you chose yourself, sounds very familiar, makes me think of "Lucifer" appointing himself, anyhow, you start out with you self-proclaimed calling and you will produce in effect disciples of Satan, believe it or not.

You might be able to quote scripture from here to Timbuktu, but this is poorly rated in God's eyes, see, the Lord looks at the heart. You can't bypass the Church in any a kind of scenario of ministry unless the Church send you with the blessing. Launching out with your self-professed election and call will be smothered by not even God, but the very devil himself.

Lets take this to part, ok, to "make" your calling and election sure is not a once of event or touch, it is a process, yes, you are called, you might even be anointed for the task set to the time but making something sure, means some kind and indication of "work(s)"

You could be very deceived and presume to be but if you don't show any kind of fruit in the current rank and work, you will not be promoted, where you can actually say: "Hey! I am sure"
The Apostle Paul started his ministry extremely zealous but first needed to sit at the backside of the desert for 15 years before he was sure. Moses had to care for the flock before he was sure. Noah had to build an ark, he also was sure.

Don't blame the Church if they don't send you out on your own venture, you ain't going nowhere without the full blessing of the Church, got that?

Well, if you got it, then there be no further reason why I should choose to extend this article.

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