About Me

I was born in Johannesburg South Africa in the year 1979. 

I will start my story for as far as I can remember. It was initiated in what we call the tent days. By this I mean we had church in a tent. At this time a certain man by the name of Nicky van der Westhuizen was pastoring the church. Truly a beautiful man of God who was taken out by the enemy.

But even before this time, a certain man and truly a Prophet of God took the pulpit, and till this day carries much weight in the Spirit, one I truly love. He was my Hero at the tender age of 5.

I remember the first time I felt the manifest presence of God. This certain pastor laid his hands on me and anointed me with Olive Oil.

After a series of God encounters as a child nothing would stop me in my quest and pursuit to serve God. Even at School, I was much despised for my sincere Faith in the Lord. I did not have friends in School. Evidently, I would resort to a Christian Campsite called: “Rabboni”.

As I entered standard 6. The very first day of School was diagnosed with hepatitis. As a result, was unable to attend school for a period of 6 months. I was desperate.

I remember it crystal clear, one night a true servant of God, and today stands in the office of the Prophet. Was preaching at this certain church on Daniel, or if you will, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego.

That very night I gave my Heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Shortly to follow I was standing way on the side of the audience, eyes still closed. Evangelist Marc Bredenkamp walked up to me and Breathed the very Breath of God into me and said: “Great Man of God”.

Tears starting forming in my eyes as I for the very first time ever experienced the great, great love of God. This was a True infilling and baptism in the Holy Spirit.

At a zealous age of 19 when I started to first experience the manifest presence of GOD, I was radical, people thought I was crazy, and I was indeed. Jumping up and down, going crazy for God, come on, I just discovered GOD!!!

I was so excited that I locked myself in my bedroom for 120 days.

Yes, I did leave my room occasionally go to Christian bookshops etc. But yes, I pretty much fasted and prayed most of this period of four months. The power of God was so dense in my room, demoniacs would enter my room and start manifesting, crawling to the door

After this, I ate 1 meal a day for 9 years at 6 PM each day. Give that a try...

It would have been impossible for me to try and pursue any other means of existence other than laying it in down for God. To give you wrap up of that which has happened to me between age 21 and now at 39. I hit a spiritual high at 19, pulled back at age 21 due to certain setbacks, and Satan tried his utmost to destroy me even until this very day.

I was so severely tormented and ripped apart by demon spirits that I lost my mind indeed. I am not one to quit easily, trust me, I am extremely persistent. I fought this thing in the Spirit for 5 years until I collapsed. My pastor and friend came to my aid. It was suggested that I be admitted to a mental institution.

I was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. In a nutshell, had 70 plus weeks in mental rehabs, 25 plus hospitalizations, 21 brain shock treatments and 1 year in a nursing home.

I have been taking medication for about 19 years now. My life has not been fun and games to this point. I have been obedient to the heavenly vision and call.

God’s manifest presence has never departed from me. I am wrapped in the POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT. I chose to pay a price I and never realized it would have brought me to and through this place.

Having gone through all the pain and shame in my life, I can honestly conclude, living in HIS presence NON STOP is and was worth it.

HIS presence NON STOP is and was worth it.